Our services

Soffit Insulation

The upgrading of new or existing concrete floor slabs to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance to meet the latest specifications.

Acoustic Barriers / Seals

Maintaining the standards required for sound reduction for both floors and walls using the best available materials to meet our clients request and expectations.

Cavity Barriers

Fire safety preventative system, protecting the entire structure of the building in the case of unseen movement of fire and smoke throughout numerous concealed spaces of the buildings.

Fire Protection to Steelwork

Using a board fire protection systems steel frames supporting buildings can be insulated from the effects of fire for up to 4 hours.

Fire Stopping and Floors Penetration

Fire Stopping is where you install many different types of systems to prevent a fire to spread across compartments in a building.

Load Bearing Fire Seals / Floors

Providing Fire penetration within the structural floor slab with load bearing ability to meat the fire rated requirements.

Fire Rated Movement and Expansion Details

Essential defensive system with the flexibility and capabilitie to prevent hidden movement of fire and smoke throughout the entire building construction.

Fire Rated Partitions Walls and Ceilings

Fire rated partitions have fire resistance. Their length is from the bottom of the compartment to the top (ceiling). This is to eliminate the chances of their being a fire.

Encasement Fire Systems for Cable and Pipes Protections

Encasement systems for cable and pipes protections

Mastic Joints and Linear Gap Seals

These are added when there are gaps. These are useful because since they are flexible, when there is heat they expand, therefore when there is a fire they prevent the fire from going through the gaps.

Slab edge fire protection

This is a perimeter fire barrier that is installed in the buildings to block off the spread of fire going through between the floors.

Fire Rated Access Panels and Doors

Fire rated access panels and doors are designed to provide fire protection and service access to critical zones in walls and ceilings.

Fire collars

A Fire Collar is a type of fire-resistant. During a fire the fire collar prevents the fire from spreading from one compartment to another.

Suspended ceiling

The ceiling that is lightweight and hung on wires or cables suspended from the structure overhead.


Provide fire protection for structural steel.They can be fitted in a various of ways supply up to 4 hours fire protection.

Fire protection boxing out installed risers cupboards

Fire protection boxing out installed risers cupboards