IFC Certificate

As a requirement of the IFCC Scheme, HMF Solution are committed to employing, on a permanent or contract basis, competent supervisors and operatives is assessed by IFCC inspectors in the different trade disciplines for which certification scope is kept. A register of competent employees is uphold by IFCC, and this is regularly reconsidered to provide that HMF Solution maintains competent employees whose capacity remain at present with the works.

As an IFCC registered installers, HMF Solution is subject to constant inspections of its installed work on existing contracts.

CHAS Certificate

HMF Solution Ltd has demonstrated compliance with the CHAS standards in the line with SSIP Core Criteria and UK H&S Legislation and has been awarded accreditation (employing fewer than 5 people) to the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015.

ICO Certificate

HMF Solution has acquired an ICO Certificate with starting date 02 February 2020.